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This place is primarily intended to host free software projects.

The name “infraroot” is a German/English word play. Infrarot being the German word for infra red, with rot meaning red and also being spelled similar to root. It can also pass as a Dutch word play (infrarood) and possibly other languages as well.

Infraroot is not a company or other kind of entity and currently run just by myself, David Oberhollenzer, as a private individual. Infraroot is also not a cult and doesn’t have any bullshit philosophy.

For any actual business inquiries relating to software hosted here, please contact Sigma Star Gmbh.

There is currently no real content for this main page yet, but the domain and web server are already used for hosting some projects.

There already is an official infraroot Git server running on a sub domain. Also, feel free to browse the pub directory for software releases and other interesting things.